Rug Beni Mrirt
SG2835 – 302 x 242 cm


A thick and silky rug with a trendy design

A berber rug, handmade in the purest tradition, by the weavers of the Middle Atlas.
A virgin wool “Marmoucha”, guaranteeing silky and exceptional resistance.
This rug has a geometric design in line with the ancestral customs of the Beni Mrirt.
A very trendy drawing highlighting its depth by the play of its shades of gray

Size : 302 x 242 cm

This Berber rug has easy to integrate dimensions to all interiors.
Its realization in knotted points on a very dense woven wool weft gives it a formidable resistance and an exceptional softness.
The colors and design are traditional Beni Mrirt, a very trendy concept that perfectly adapts to our contemporary interiors.
100% handmade
You will appreciate the silkiness of this exceptional wool.

Additional information

Weight 25,5 kg
Dimensions 302 × 242 cm