Our Beni Ouarain collection is made exclusively of handmade carpets.
Beni Ouarain carpets are generally large and certainly the best known Moroccan carpets.

Rugs from Berber tribes of the Middle Atlas, hand-woven by the women of Beni Ouarain and its surroundings.

Typical Berber rugs

Carpets to protect the Berber tribes from the cold of the Atlas Mountains.
Laid on the ground, their thick, resistant and comfortable structure formed a protective barrier under the tents with frozen floors.
Depending on their size, they are also used as very comfortable blankets.

Their composition reveals many patterns in line with the traditions of the Berber tribes. We are talking about messages that are transmitted over time.
It is in the 60s, that these carpets appear in the western interiors

An exceptional wool

The wool comes from the Marmoucha breed, rustic sheep whose wool is characterized by ivory and golden reflections. A rare wool explaining the value of carpets

Specific tribal motifs

The tribes of Beni Ouarain transmit their history through the patterns they weave

These patterns consist of lines, diamonds and triangles woven on virgin wool.