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Leader of the carpet in Morocco, the company Studio Lid offers the most beautiful Moroccan carpets.

Respecting the artisanal tradition, the Berber women of the Atlas weave and perpetuate the custom, through exceptional achievements.

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Moroccan carpets 100% handmade

All our carpets come from the middle and high Atlas and are made in the purest Berber tradition.

The choice of wool and natural dyes guarantee exceptional quality and silkiness.

The company Studio Lid, offers the most beautiful carpets of Morocco

The weaves are traditional combining the technique of kilim and knotting for rugs resistant, comfortable and silky.

The designs of Moroccan carpets come from the traditions of the Berber tribes and the shades are natural.

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The three main types of carpets

Berber weavers work on the same looms as their ancestors.

The kilim rugs

A traditional weaving from the countries of the east and transmitted by nomadic tribes.
We find it on the realization of chains (frames)

High wool carpets

This type of weaving is found in the Berber tribes of the high and middle Atlas.

A technique to make thick, warm and silky carpets.

Short wool carpets

A weaving similar to the long-haired carpet, from Berber tribes less exposed to the cold of the Atlas

Tapis berbères Sidi-Ghanem Studio Lid Maroc
Tapis marocains Sidi-Ghanem Studio Lid Marrakech
Tapis marocains Marrakech Studio Lid Sidi-Ghanem


Beni Ouarain Tapis Maroc Studio Lid Marrakech


Tapis Beni Mguild Maroc Studio Lid Marrakech


Boujaad Tapis Maroc Studio Lid Marrakech


Natte Touareg Studio Lid Marrakech


Tapis marocains berbères Studio Lid Marrakech Sidi-Ghanem
Tapis berbères marocains Studio Lid Marrakech Sidi-Ghanem
Tapis berbères marocains Studio Lid Sidi-Ghanem Marrakech

A bit of history

The first Berber carpets date from the Palaeolithic era. A tradition perpetuated by women and their daughters, who still weave on looms of the same type.

In their vast majority, the decorations of these carpets are the reflection of the cultures of the different nomadic Berber tribes.

Since the middle of the 20th century, we can find carpets whose decorations have evolved, an evolution due to the sedentarization of certain Berber tribes and the needs of weavers to express their imagination through new patterns.

A domestic economy

Berber carpets were not all used, some represented a wealth that incorporated the dowry at the time of marriage. Others were a means of doing business, essentially to deal with difficult times.


Tapis berbères marocains Beni Mrirt Studio Lid Marrakech
Tapis berbères marocains Beni Ouarain Studio Lid Marrakech
Tapis berbères marocains