Collections of Moroccan rugs

Collections of Moroccan rugs

Studio Lid offers the largest collections of Moroccan rugs.
Leader of the rugs in Morocco, we have been working for many years directly with the Berber tribes of the Middle Atlas and the High Atlas.

Our collections of Berber rugs are composed of vintage rugs and contemporary rugs handcrafted by Berber weavers according to the purest traditions.

Tapis Beni Mrirt Studio Lid Marrakech

Collection Beni Mrirt

Tapis berbère Beni Ouarain Studio Lid Marrakech

Collection Beni Ouarain

Tapis Beni Mguild Studio Lid Maroc

Collection Beni Mguild

Tapis Boujaad Studio Lid Maroc

Collection Boujaad

The Berber tribes

Beni Mrirt, Beni Ouarain, Beni Mguild, Beni Boucharouite, Boujaad, Ourika, Zanafi…

The different patterns and types of weaving are explained by the origins of each of the Berber tribes, whether nomadic or sedentary.

The carpet called «Kilim» can have two meanings, that of their geographical origin, giving rise to different proposals and in particular that of Turkey and that of their weaving technique. A confusion regularly observed.

Today Berber handmade carpets meet a strong demand in the world of decoration. They perfectly dress up many interior styles as do modern works of art.

All our carpets are scrupulously checked and are subject to regular handling so that the wool breathes.


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