colorful berber rugs

Berber rug Beni Mguild

The Berber rug Beni Mguild, a very trendy carpet that is often found in modern interiors.
Playing with gradients of colors accentuated by layers of wool giving a very harmonious depth.

Origin of the Beni Mguild rug

Beni Mguild rugs are Berber rugs from the Beni Mguild region in the Middle Atlas. A geographical location between the Moulouya valley and the plateaus forming the south of the city of Meknes.

The weavers had two main objectives
The first was to build a solid weft that could adapt to the rocky soil.
The second was in the manufacture of high knots very tight wool thus isolating itself from the cold of the Atlas.


A job reserved for Berber women.
The weaving of the chain is carried out according to the kilim weaving technique, very tight points in order to obtain a high density to ensure solidity. In a second time, the weavers work the high or medium wool knotted point (depending on the season), making the carpet warm and comfortable.


The basis of the patterns that make up the Beni Mguild carpets lies in the search for shades of a basic color. This is how we find carpets with rich colors according to the seasons. A work that is reminiscent of the works of Alexander Rodchenko.
It is common to find symbols in the weft of knots, either scattered here and there, or geometrically covering the entire carpet.
Both the quality of their wool, their natural color and the quality of their manufacture make them exceptional carpets. Sustainable artisanal production respecting the environment.