exceptional Berber rugs

Berber rug Beni Mrirt

The Berber rugs Beni Mrirt is certainly one of the most sought after Moroccan rugs.
Its design quality, exceptional wool, natural hues, soft and fluffy thicknesses and geometric patterns make it a true work of art coveted by all interior designers and collectors worldwide.

Origin of the Beni Mrirt rug

Beni Mrirt rugs are handmade Berber rugs originating from the Beni Mellal region, extending to Kkénifra, a steep region located in the Middle Atlas in Morocco.


Initially these rugs had two functions.

  • The first was to protect themselves from the cold of the mountains of the Middle Atlas. Thus the largest carpets were placed on the frozen ground of the Berber tents, forming a barrier against the cold. The other smaller ones were used as cover during the cold winter nights.
  • The second function was to build up capital. Indeed the carpets could serve as a monastic exchange when the tribes were going through difficult times. But they would also be endowed at weddings, thus estimating the wealth of the family.

Rug conception

The manufacture of rugs is ensured by Berber women, a know-how transmitted from mother to daughter, guaranteeing the respect of an ancestral tradition.
The realization of the wool chain is traditionally woven (kilim type) and the patterns are made in knotted weaving with dense and long knots.
Once finished the carpet is subjected to a particular rubbing and washing, giving the carpet a fluffy and extreme softness.

Rug design

To make these carpets of great value, Berber weavers can meet in cooperatives or isolate themselves at home.
The rugs of these regions are 100% wool, both by the weaving of their structure (the chain) and by the knotted wool patterns. The manufacture of these beautiful Moroccan carpets takes between 5 and 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the pattern.
Geometric patterns often made in two colors. These forms inspired many great artists of the Ecole de Paris at the beginning of the 20th century.

A design highly sought after by interior designers to add a trendy touch to old, classic, contemporary or modern interiors.

Both the quality of their wool, their natural color and the quality of their manufacture make them exceptional carpets. Sustainable artisanal production respecting the environment.