An Art nouveau

Boucharouite rug

The Boucharouite rug has long been neglected due to the fact that it incorporates many used elements.
But the recycling trend has put it in the spotlight.

Birth of an Art Nouveau

Origin of the Boucharouite rug

design of these carpets, have very few resources. Recycling each piece of cloth to integrate it into their composition.


They represent the lives of these poor tribes.

Creations carrying messages through a new art bringing together different techniques.

Poor art side

The reason for this is the materials that constitute it:
They are pieces of cloth, cotton and nylon threads and even synthetic materials from consumer clothing.

Art Brut side


It is the free spirit guiding their conception, like the artist in front of his blank canvas, the weavers do not have a pre-established scheme, but on the contrary a total freedom.

The choice of materials and colors is made over the realization of the work.
Initially these carpets did not interest many people, often called rag.
Today, the trend is reversed, the recycling side has made its way, highlighting the creative spirit of these Berber weavers.


By its design, the Boucherouite carpet carries a history, that of these Berber tribes where poverty requires the recycling of materials to create.

Once considered as uninteresting carpets, today interior designers are looking for them to decorate homes of all styles.

They are sometimes framed and put in the place of honor in the lounges and bedrooms of large houses.