Moroccan rugs of exception

By convention the Mrirt or M’rirt rugs come from the Beni Mrirt tribe.
But the reality is somewhat different.

The city of Mrirt

Indeed, there is the city of «M’rirt» located in the middle Atlas part of the province of Khenifra.
Initially this small town was mainly inhabited by the Aït Sgougou.

The development of this city was mainly due to the richness of the soils of this region. The mining of zinc, lead, tungsten, silver and even gold has been intense, thus offering the city of M’rirt important needs in urbanization.

Tisseuse tapis berbère Mrirt Studio Lid Marrakech

Discover the work of weavers

Every Thursday, the souk was held, an opportunity for the Zayanes of the region, a Berber ethnic group named Aït Oulalou to come and offer their rugs.

While the carpets were essentially a protection against the cold of the Atlas and prepared the dowry of the bride and groom, the souk made it possible to offer these carpets to the outside world. That of industrialists and miners who came to M’rirt to attract by the exploitation of minerals.

Tapis Beni Mrirt SG 2974 Studio Lid Marrakech
Tapis Beni Mrirt SG 3262 Studio Lid Marrakech

Foreign trade

This is how every Thursday, the Ait Oulalou exhibited their most beautiful carpets, the competition between the weavers of the tribes was born.
Faced with the quality of a high density weave and the beauty of the designs, the demands are constantly increasing, giving rise to a more sustained production.
This is all the more true, as many buyers did not necessarily keep the carpets for their interiors, but resold them during their holidays when they returned to see their family in their hometown.

The reasons for this craze are easily explainable, by the recognition of a careful work, the density of the weaving requiring a large amount of wool and patterns very sought after for their decorative aspect.

Ville de Mrirt Maroc Studio Lid Marrakech

Acknowledgement of Mrirt rugs

It is really from the 60s that the international craze for Mrirt rugs began. We find several representations through many works of artists who made the heyday of Parisian galleries.

Studio Lid now offers many models of vintage and contemporary M’rirt rugs maintaining exceptional quality.