The most beautiful rugs in Morocco

The company Studio Lid, a manufacture that has become the leader of carpets in Morocco, thanks to the passion and commitment of the Lamdaghri family in the craft of the carpet. Their history seems to be a beautiful example of dedication and tradition, thus contributing to preserve and promote the art of carpet within the Moroccan culture

The passion of the rug

Studio Lid has maintained such close and friendly relations with the weavers of the Middle Atlas and Grand Atlas tribes since 1945. Their commitment to these weaving communities and their respect for their ancestral know-how is truly commendable. This shows how much they value tradition and quality in the manufacture of their carpets. These strong links with local artisans must certainly contribute to the beauty and authenticity of their creations.

It is truly remarkable to know that each carpet produced by Studio Lid is a unique creation, not only of exceptional quality but also of a rich and significant history. The use of high quality wool, natural colours and high stitch density denotes a great attention to detail and a commitment to artisanal excellence.

RUGS FROM MOROCCO Studio Lid Marrakesh

The fact that the carpet designs tell the story of the tribes is also captivating. This adds a cultural and narrative dimension to each piece, offering buyers an authentic connection with Moroccan tradition and heritage. The carpets become more than just decorative objects; they are living witnesses of the history and culture of the Moroccan tribes.